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Greetings! This blog covers my time in Nigeria from 2011-2012. At the time my organization forced me to take down my blog, at which point I made it private, but now it has been released to the public domain again. I created an index here, with the earliest posts at the bottom. Enjoy!

The Signing
The Insects
Random Notes Volume I
Random Notes Volume II
What do you do in your free time (July 2011)
Trip to Abuja (July 2011)
Ecological Overview of Where I Live (July 2011)
Cost of Living (July 2011)
Juju (Witchcraft) (July 2011)
Juju vs. Jesus (July 2011)
Primate Rescue (August 2011)
Trip to Owai (August 2011)
Pidgin English
Age Grade
Death and Burials (August 2011)
Bathroom Emergency (August 2011)
Road trip to Lagos (September 2011)
Cultural Videos
Random Notes III (September 2012)
The Road (September 2011)
Keeping Clean (September 2011)
Lagos Domestic Airport (October 2011)
Medical Facilities in the Village (October 2011)
Boko Haram (November 2011)
Go Slow [Traffic Jam] (November 2011)
A Tough Day (November 2011)
Organization Background
CENSORED-Welcome to my blog!!!
Brief glimpse of life in the office…
Motorcycle on the local road
Village Life I: Outdoor Television
Village Profile: Owai
Corruption and the 419
Village Life II: Kitchen
Traditional Chairs
Rescued baby primate
Village Life III: Toilet
Village Life IV: River for Bathing
Toilet in Owai


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