Brief glimpse of life in the office…

So I’ve got a ton of entries I haven’t finished and probably won’t during this trip to Calabar. But I was having a chat with a friend online and I realized that even the mundane normal things that I go through here can be interesting. I am never in a situation where I can blog about what is going on at the moment so I’ll take advantage of this opportunity (as well as procrastinate on my work) and give you a brief glimpse into life in the office of CERCOPAN.

So I’m sitting here in the office with my French coworker who is our main accounts person. Our staff has all gone home at this point (5:30pm) and we are sitting in our main office doing some computer work. We have a sick young monkey (tantalus species I believe) who we are nursing back to strength. He is usually housed in a small animal carrier, similar to what you might put your dog into. But when the staff leaves we tend to let our young sick monkeys out to have a stroll. It’s nice for them because they can stretch their legs and explore all the things in the office and it’s nice for us because we can ‘play’ with them. Young monkeys tend to be very affectionate and yeah, basically it’s cute.

However, they can also be very troublesome. They can scatter files, knock over cups of water and do all types of mischievousness behavior. Since the monkey we let loose tonight is a bit sick, he’s very placid and spends most of the time in my coworkers lap. She was teasing me about the monkey liking her more than me though he made his way over to my side of the table and let me “groom”(basically pet) him. Then he got a little more active and all the sudden he took a big diarrhea shit on the table. And then he turns around, resulting in his entire tail wiping through the shit and suddenly he’s on the move trailing monkey shit all over the office! After a brief pursuit we finally wrapped him up in a blanket, bleached the shit stained areas and got back to work.

I sent off an email to my director only to have it returned. I inquired about what was going on and we received an email from the board of our directors saying our company email accounts had been hacked and 68,000 SPAM messages had been sent out from our addresses. I hate SPAM as much as the next guy(especially Nigerian based SPAM) but 68,000? That’s just impressive.

It’s raining, much like it has been in the last week and we will soon hit the peak of the rainy season. We’ve had very good luck the last few days with the national power service(NEPA) and we’ve probably had electricity 70% of the time. In fact, I think this is the most NEPA I’ve experienced in a visit to Calabar! As a result my computer is fully charged and I’ll probably spend tonight watching movies, reading my Kindle and just relaxing. It’s been a hectic work week and a very productive visit to Calabar. I promise that I’ll finish my blog entries this week when I’m back in the village and post them next week. I had a very interesting return trip from the States, had my first visit to a Nigerian hospital(got three stitches in my face!) and our snail farm group is doing amazing. Details to come!



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