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Rescued baby primate

Rescued baby primate

Red eared guenon.


Traditional Chairs

    Chief smokes a cigarette in his traditional wrapper.    These chairs are typically found in a Chief or other important person’s house. Sure they don’t have any cushioning and are very low to the ground but if you want a chair to lean back and take a quick nap in, this is it. Simple design and built […]

Village Life II: Kitchen

  This picture was taken in the late afternoon in Mary’s kitchen as I waited for afang soup to finish cooking. Mary is like my mother/sister and always makes sure I have something to eat and helps me out in any way she can. Mary is a few years younger than me but has four […]

Corruption and the 419

Nigeria is a bit infamous for being the scam capital of the world and I’m sure everyone’s received an email from a Nigerian prince claiming to need US$10,000 fronted to him with promises of returning millions. Locally referred to as “419”( 419 is supposedly the section number in Nigerian law in which scams fall under) […]

Village Profile: Owai

Owai is one of the three villages we are currently working with. Owai is the most undeveloped, remote and isolated of the the communities and it represents an extreme in rural forest dependent villages. Owai is near to Iko Esai but there is no road connecting them through the forest. It requires a 3-4 hour […]

Village Life I: Outdoor Television


Watching TV outside

Motorcycle on the local road

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