CENSORED-Welcome to my blog!!!

After working various jobs that would be far likelier candidates for censoring, most notably working in China and working under the US government, I’ve finally been censored by a most unlikely source: my NGO employing me here in Nigeria. As you may have noticed my previous blog was made public and although I tried to be mindful of what I said, some things that I said were not appreciated by my boss. She frequently googles keywords that would relate to our organization and found a few that prompted my blog to be the first thing displayed. I completely understand where she is coming from and when I asked her exactly what she didn’t like, she quickly rattled off a list of things that I’d mentioned: saying the villagers are ‘useless’, staff steal, criticizing ex-volunteers/tourists, saying how we ‘try to look professional’, letting off a guy selling monkey because he’s my friend, stating that I only care about ‘useful animals’ and mentioning names of staff. Hm, well, yeah, I suppose when you list off all the bad things in a row it does sound pretty bad.  As I said, I take full responsibility because as a public site my blog could have been read by various funders and prospective tourists. In my defense I think some of the statements are taken out of context and the majority of my blog was just silly stories. Although my blog could have been 99% silly stories and 1% damning material, the 1% could cost us thousands of dollars or seriously hurt our reputation.

On the bright side, this now gives me freedom to disclose any information and not hide anything! And trust me, this will only increase the entertainment value of this blog a hundred fold. If you are a first time reader, perhaps you bookmarked my blog and thought you’d get around to reading it but never did(don’t worry, you’re not alone!), this also is a good time to reintroduce to you my wacky life in Nigeria. In case you missed it, my first 14 months included many bizarre and intriguing stories like: Christian prophet battles juju(witchcraft) Chief in Lord of the Rings-esque battle, me learning to dart escaped monkeys with a blow gun, a twelve hour road trip that forced us to ford rivers (ford, float or wait?), thoughts and analysis on local food with an emphasis on the disheartening frequency of snail consumption, using corn cobs as toilet paper, busting people selling monkey meat in the village (which now you know I’m a softie for enforcement), various juju superstitions, profiling the multitude of insects that disturb my life and so much more. But as I said, now the real fun will begin. Emancipated from the pressure of upholding a reputation and representing an organization I will begin to mercilessly post my thoughts and views on my life here in Nigeria. Thanks to all my readers, though I shouldn’t thank you too much in light of your visits pushing my blog to the top of google and getting me in a bit of trouble, and welcome back!



  1. nigeriaguest · · Reply

    It was great to see you back in JA and I do look forward to your un-censored musings about life in Nigeria. Good luck in your next year!

  2. nigeriaguest · · Reply

    It was great to see you back in JA and I do look forward to your un-censored musings about life in Nigeria. Good luck in your next year! – DM

  3. nigeriaguest · · Reply

    Miss you already, Benny! And can not wait to read more!!

  4. nigeriaguest · · Reply

    Hey Benjee, we’re about to be neighbors! We’re moving to Cameroon on August 9. 🙂
    -your old Ghana buddy, Deborah

  5. nigeriaguest · · Reply

    Now we can leave pseudo-anonymous comments in your non-public blog; life’s a compromise!

  6. nigeriaguest · · Reply

    Benjee, you probably already have done this, but you can block search engines: http://codex.wordpress.org/Settings_Privacy_Screen
    Glad the blog is back! Aunt K

  7. nigeriaguest · · Reply

    and once again I can (kind-of) know you’re safe (kind-of) because I can read your posts when it’s been too long since our last Skype contact! Love, mom 😉

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