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CENSORED-Welcome to my blog!!!

After working various jobs that would be far likelier candidates for censoring, most notably working in China and working under the US government, I’ve finally been censored by a most unlikely source: my NGO employing me here in Nigeria. As you may have noticed my previous blog was made public and although I tried to […]



Organization Background

The organization I work for is called Centre for Education, Rehabilitation & Conservation of Primates and Nature (CERCOPAN).  Our mission statement is to conserve Nigeria’s primates through sustainable rainforest conservation, community partnerships, education, primate rehabilitation and research. We are registered as a charity (non-profit, non government organization [NGO]) in England and operate exclusively in Cross […]

A Tough Day (November 2011)

My extended trip to Calabar has been nice but I am ready to go back to the village. There is a huge difference between choosing to stay in Calabar and being prevented from going home. I realized I had a meeting on Tuesday with one of ourfunders so I thought I might as well stay until that was finished, no […]


Since coming to work here I’ve learned a great deal about monkeys. Since we are a primate conservation organization this obviously makes a lot of sense. All of the other expats that we have working with us have extensive experience working with primates from various locations like Madagascar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Amazon Basin, Australia and […]

Go Slow [Traffic Jam] (November 2011)

Every week we have a truck from Calabar that meets up with a truck from ourRhoko Field site. They meet at a village called Ibogo which is basically the turn off from the highway to reach our village. The road from Calabar to Ibogo is highway and very straightforward. It is actually a really dangerous road, ironically it is dangerous because it very well […]