Greetings! This blog covers my time in Nigeria from 2011-2012. At the time my organization forced me to take down my blog, at which point I made it private, but now it has been released to the public domain again. I created an index here, with the earliest posts at the bottom. Enjoy! Ants The […]

I got an update from my friends in Nigeria. The two toilet projects we had (one in Agoi Ibami, one in Owai) have both been successfully implemented. I could not be more proud of the community based organizations…fruits of labor for sure!!! If you look at the post labeled “Toilet” and you’ll see why I […]

Here is the river I would take my bath. This is during the wet season.

Here is a typical toilet, shared by many members of the community. It’s difficult to balance on the beam and when you get close a swarm of flies explodes off the poop pile. Also, you can see the chickens free ranging looking for pieces of corn(possibly)

Well, it’s taken me a while to get to this update but my time in Nigeria has come to a stunning, sudden and sad end. Thanks for reading!!! New blogs

Rescued baby primate

Red eared guenon.

    Chief smokes a cigarette in his traditional wrapper.    These chairs are typically found in a Chief or other important person’s house. Sure they don’t have any cushioning and are very low to the ground but if you want a chair to lean back and take a quick nap in, this is it. Simple design and built […]